Just a normal guy who loves Jesus

Tim Klopfenstein is Corinth Design. He's just a genuine guy that honestly loves Jesus a whole lot and wants to support the growth of God's Kingdom in whatever way he can. Tim has been doing Graphic and Web design since he was a teenager, and has been able to serve in applying those skills since 2012. Although Corinth Design was only officially formed in July of 2017, Tim has design experience well beyond that. Tim's first calling is to lead his family of 5, who currently resides in Lakewood, CO. Tim is also an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan Church and has a heart to disciple people into multipliers for the Kingdom of God. Currently serving as a worship pastor at a local church in Aurora, Tim loves doing what God made Him to do.

Closing the Gap

Here's the reality: most startups don't have affordable access to designers with expertise. It's true. Although website builders and stock-media continue to overflow the market, this often results in cookie-cutter solutions that weaken your impact and eat up your time. You need someone trustworthy to catalyze an eye-catching online presence, keep you focused on your work, and be nice to your wallet.

Aren't you glad you found Corinth Design? We honestly just want to provide quality services that benefit you and your business to acheive the greatest impact. Our mission is to partner with churches and small businesses by providing digital resources that will reflect, clarify, and champion their unique brand and vision. Here's how:

What We Offer

Branding and Graphic Design

A strong brand is essential to achieve impact with your audience. This is way more than just a logo or colors that you think look cool. It is the Ethos of your organization boiled down into a refined idea that you can see, touch, and feel. Don't tackle this all-important task on your own. Let Corinth Design refine your brand into something you can be truly be proud of.

Website Design

Your website will speak long before you do. Make sure it's saying what you want it to say. Don't do cookie cutter websites. After all, we sure don't! We work hard to ensure that your brand extends into your website effectively, carefully crafting and coding each webpage into unique reflections of your organization. We can build you a website that says exactly what you intend to communicate.

Systems Implementation

Now that you've got a killer brand identity and a great website, what's next? Systems. Whether you're a small business selling a product or your services online, a non-profit needing tools to track donors and allocate resources, or a church plant getting off the ground in need of a system to track your volunteers and small groups, Corinth Design can provide expertise in implementation. With years of experience providing solutions to all sorts of technology needs, we have the chops to hook you up with the systems to make your organization run like clockwork.

Technical Support

If you are part of a small organization, you probably know what it's like having to attend to something that isn't necessarily on your job description. Perhaps you are needing to update the organizational information on your social media page, but you can never find time for it. Or perhaps your email has suddenly stopped sending and recieving email and you can't figure out why. What if you could pass that off to someone who was there to help you manage the inner workings of your organizational systems? With years of experience offering technical support and trouble shooting assistance, Corinth Design can be your freelance Tech Support Guru.

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